• errors 🔒
  • This module contains all events from the api


  • Health is represented by u32s within the module, but treated as a float by the rest of the game.


  • The Action enum represents a push modification that will be made in the ECS in the next tick Note that all actions when sent are async and will not be executed in order like Retrieve that are sync. All actions sent will be executed in the send order in the ticking before the rest of the logic applies.
  • A resource that indicates what mode the local game is being played in.
  • The Retrieve enum represents read of the ECS is sync and blocking. This enum shouldn’t be used by itself. You should always prefer get methods on Plugin API Types For instance, prefer this method:
  • The RetrieveResult struct is generated while using the retrieve_action function


  • This trait is implement by all events and ensure type safety of FFI.