Module veloren_common_assets::source

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Bytes sources to load assets from.

This module contains the trait Source, which allows to specify how the files containing the assets are loaded. The main usage usage of this trait is with an [AssetCache].

This module also contains three built-in sources: FileSystem, [Zip] and [Embedded].


Hot-reloading enable assets to be reloaded automatically when the source it was loaded from was modified. It requires the Source to support it. The built-in FileSystem source supports it out of the box.

§Using a different source depending on the target platform

There is no file system on WebAssembly, so you can for example choose to embed your assets on this platform:

use assets_manager::{AssetCache, source};

#[cfg(not(target_arch = "wasm32"))]
let source = source::FileSystem::new("assets")?;

#[cfg(target_arch = "wasm32")]
let source = source::Embedded::from(source::embed!("assets"));

let cache = AssetCache::with_source(source);


  • A Source that contains nothing.
  • A Source to load assets from a directory in the file system.
  • A [Source] to load assets from a tar archive.



  • Bytes sources to load assets from.