Module veloren_voxygen::render

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  • pub use self::bound::Bound;
  • pub use self::consts::Consts;
  • pub use self::instances::Instances;
  • pub use self::mesh::Mesh;
  • pub use self::mesh::Quad;
  • pub use self::mesh::Tri;
  • pub use self::model::DynamicModel;
  • pub use self::model::Model;
  • pub use self::model::SubModel;
  • pub use self::pipelines::clouds::Locals as CloudsLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::debug::DebugLayout;
  • pub use self::pipelines::debug::DebugPipeline;
  • pub use self::pipelines::debug::Locals as DebugLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::debug::Vertex as DebugVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::figure::BoneData as FigureBoneData;
  • pub use self::pipelines::figure::BoneMeshes;
  • pub use self::pipelines::figure::FigureLayout;
  • pub use self::pipelines::figure::FigureModel;
  • pub use self::pipelines::figure::Locals as FigureLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::fluid::Vertex as FluidVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::lod_object::Instance as LodObjectInstance;
  • pub use self::pipelines::lod_object::Vertex as LodObjectVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::lod_terrain::LodData;
  • pub use self::pipelines::lod_terrain::Vertex as LodTerrainVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::particle::Instance as ParticleInstance;
  • pub use self::pipelines::particle::Vertex as ParticleVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::postprocess::Locals as PostProcessLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::rain_occlusion::Locals as RainOcclusionLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::shadow::Locals as ShadowLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::shadow::PointLightMatrix;
  • pub use self::pipelines::skybox::create_mesh as create_skybox_mesh;
  • pub use self::pipelines::skybox::Vertex as SkyboxVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::sprite::Instance as SpriteInstance;
  • pub use self::pipelines::sprite::SpriteGlobalsBindGroup;
  • pub use self::pipelines::sprite::SpriteVerts;
  • pub use self::pipelines::sprite::Vertex as SpriteVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::sprite::VERT_PAGE_SIZE as SPRITE_VERT_PAGE_SIZE;
  • pub use self::pipelines::terrain::Locals as TerrainLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::terrain::TerrainLayout;
  • pub use self::pipelines::terrain::Vertex as TerrainVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::trail::Vertex as TrailVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::create_quad as create_ui_quad;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::create_quad_vert_gradient as create_ui_quad_vert_gradient;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::create_tri as create_ui_tri;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::BoundLocals as UiBoundLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::Locals as UiLocals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::Mode as UiMode;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::TextureBindGroup as UiTextureBindGroup;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::UploadBatchId as UiUploadBatchId;
  • pub use self::pipelines::ui::Vertex as UiVertex;
  • pub use self::pipelines::FigureSpriteAtlasData;
  • pub use self::pipelines::GlobalModel;
  • pub use self::pipelines::Globals;
  • pub use self::pipelines::GlobalsBindGroup;
  • pub use self::pipelines::GlobalsLayouts;
  • pub use self::pipelines::Light;
  • pub use self::pipelines::Shadow;
  • pub use self::pipelines::TerrainAtlasData;
  • pub use self::renderer::AltIndices;
  • pub use self::renderer::CullingMode;
  • pub use self::renderer::Renderer;
  • pub use self::texture::Texture;





  • Gpu timing label prefix associated with the UI alpha premultiplication pass.